2010 m. rugsėjo 28 d., antradienis

Eclair 2.1 Android Update for LG GT 540 Optimus has been leaked.

Awesome news for people who have this phone. Today russian android users forum have posted a link to .kdz containing Android 2.1 for LG GT 540. Users already flashed theyre handsets with new version of android, and are wery happy with it. 

People had to wait since the announcement was made in july, it got leaked today. LG is planning to release official update in few weeks.

Instructions how to install the update are here.

2010 m. rugsėjo 24 d., penktadienis

Apps of the week

Talking Tom Cat

This app records the words that you say, and says them back to you in funny voice, also you can interact with the cat touching it.

  Live Hold'em

Simply, online Poker with Fun Money.

Advanced Task Killer

With this app you can kill processes that are running in background and draining your battery and RAM.

Handcent SMS

Great alternative if you want that your message inbox would look like on iPhone.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Awesome app, a scientific colculator in your android device. Just download it for free, instead of buying from ure local shoping center and save up to ~20$

You can download all these apps from Android Market for FREE.

2010 m. rugsėjo 14 d., antradienis

Android Apps of the Week.


Wonderfull app that records the song that is playing around you, and finds the name of it over its database. Helpful when u need to know " wtf is that song name ? "


App that helps you find local caffes, pubs, cinemas, Shoping centers ... Also some of the stores provide doscount for the check ins with the app.

Google Earth

Everything almost the same as in PC version, and im sure you know what it is.

Metal Detector

The title says everything about the app - it detects metal.

Barcode Scanner

This app scans the barcode of the product, and looks for the prices of it on the internet, so you can find where to find that product chieper. Also this thingie support QR codes which are very usefull for downloading software while browsing your PC.