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Android vs iOS

Hey everyone, this is a quick summary for Android and iOS features.

iOS 4 vs Android 2.2 Froyo

iOS: iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Available for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch but some features not supported. iPad (coming Fall 2010).
Android: None right now but HTC Nexus One, Motorola Droid likely to move to Android 2.2.

iOS: Available to developers now. iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch consumers get a free upgrade on June 21. iPhone 4 available on June 24.
Android: Available to developers now. Available to some Nexus One users now. Updates to other devices “coming soon.”

iOS: Yes
Android: Yes

Flash Support
iOS: No. Apple says it supports only two platforms: HTML 5 and its app store.
Android: Yes. Beta version of Flash Player 10.1 available on Android 2.2.

iOS: Yes
Android: Yes

Hot-Spot Capability
iOS: No
Android: Yes. Wi-Fi can be shared with up to 8 devices.

iOS: Yes
Android: Yes

Copy and Paste
iOS: Yes
Android: Yes

Video Chat
iOS: Native support (only on iPhone 4 hardware)
Android: Available only through add-on apps.

iOS: Support for iBooks to download and read digital books.
Android: Available only through add-on apps.

iOS: Available through iTunes; automatic syncing with desktop iTunes. Streaming music only supported through apps.
Android: Built-in ability to play MP3 files, but no syncing with your desktop music. Streaming music available via add-on apps.

iOS: 200,000 iPhone apps
Android: 50,000 Android apps

iOS: In-app ads through iAds. Apple sells and hosts the ads and shares revenue with developers. Payment through iTunes.
Android: In-app ads available through Google Mobile ads. Adsense for mobile ads is in beta mode for developers.

iOS: Unified inbox combines multiple e-mail accounts. Threading of conversations.
Android: No unified inbox. Threading available in Gmail.

14 komentarų:

  1. No iPhone sucks.

    Oh what's that? your call was dropped? We sh*T!

  2. i have an iphone 3G, but when the time comes to buy a new phone, im not sure ill buy the new iPhone 4, i heard a lot of bad things about.
    but hey thats not gonna happen in a while, who knows what other phones may appear

  3. I enjoy my ipod touch that has a headset and i can make calls on..completely free!

  4. Not a big fan of iPhone. But then again, that's just me.

  5. Android seems amazing. If only I had a tablet to use it with =(

  6. Idk, the Android lately seems like it's catching up with the iphone..

  7. i prefer zune thankyou, seriously, thankyou